Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The end of an era

Last year, when I was in charge of our school's Mountain Man extravaganza, it nearly broke my family in two. As my husband's patience was stretched to it's max, I promised him that I would NEVER take on another big commitment like this during the month of May.

Just a few weeks after this big event passed, one of my good friends approached me with a favor. A big favor. She was going to be next year's PTA president and her teacher appreciation board member had just fallen through. She really wanted me to fill that position. Knowing that "teacher appreciation week" falls in the month of May, I knew there was no way that I could do that to my family. I declined the offer. A few weeks later, she came back and approached me with same request again. Again, I declined. By the third time she approached me , I knew that she really was at her wit's end. She had exhausted all other options and she really needed someone to fill that spot. In a weak moment, I accepted the position...but didn't dare tell Ted for another few months! I knew he needed some more time to recover from the last event!

As it turns out, this has been such a fun (but busy) year. Iturns out that this position is much more involved than one week. I was in charge of back-to-school gifts, I have been in charge of providing a "treat" the first friday of every month, of bringing in birthday gifts for all of the faculty, of providing dinners all the nights of parent/teacher conference, and let's not forget the big kahuna...teacher appreciation week. Once again, my family, and even my marriage, has been put to the test, but the experience was very fun and those teachers were all so gracious and appreciative. All in all, I will miss working with the faculty in this capacity. It has been such a great year!

Our year's PTA theme is "Celebrate" so I wanted to take that same theme and really CELEBRATE our teachers. All week we tried to make it to be a true celebration! We gave the teacher's martinelli's with champagne goblets attached as the kick-off gift. We also had something fun/exciting every day of the week. Whether it be massages, or fiestas, or luncheons, or bouquets of flowers, we did our best to treat them like royalty. I didn't capture everything, but here are some pics:

To make things extra fun, we held a daily raffle with fun prizes from little boutique shops, day spas, photography studios, and such. Being the crazy lady that I am, I chose to kick off the week by playing "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang at the beginning of my announcement to the school. Every morning the school officers would play a little of that song, then make their daily raffle announcement. The teachers said that the kids would get up and dance to the music and then they would cross their fingers while the raffle drawing took place. So fun!

At the end of the week, the teachers made a sweet poster for me and the PTA. I was so touched by their kindness!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Good bye, Good bye...

This is probably going to be one of my very last posts... because I am getting my own!!! Yipee! I am so excited, because I get an e-mail and a blog when I turn 13 (which is in 2 days). So I will tell you later what MY blog is. Thank you mama for letting me use yours!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our little 7 year old

Our cute Katelyn turned seven yesterday. And while she is so excited to be getting big like her two older sisters, my heart kind of aches to know that this cute and bubbly little girl is growing up. Anyone who knows her knows that she is a super energetic, sweet hearted, little girl who has so much enthusiasm for life. We are so blessed to have her be in our lives.

About a month ago, I asked Katelyn what she wanted to do for her birthday. I have to laugh at her top request: she wanted tacos and edamame for dinner. I think that is such a funny and interesting combination of food choices, especially for a seven-year-old girl, but she had her heart set on that meal and so, of course, we all were happy to oblige.

May is such a busy month in the school year. Between end-of-year field trips, parties, and recitals, it really is enough to send you over the edge. Wouldn't you know I would choose to complicate my life that much more by having all THREE girls' birthdays in May (Parker was due May 3rd but I opted to have him the end of April). Someone should have slapped me silly years ago!

Anyway, Katelyn's birthday happened to fall on a particularly busy day that included after-school activities and the older girls' piano recital. I was really concerned that Katelyn might feel like her birthday got swallowed up by the fast-paced day we had. Fortunately for Katelyn, she didn't seem to mind that her day got sandwiched in because she went to bed saying that it was the best birthday ever. According to Katelyn, her highlights included getting pulled out of school to go to lunch at Tony Burger, getting a single carnation (which I actually received when I lube/oiled my car earlier that day--I just thought she might like getting a flower on her birthday...I was right), receiving helium balloons, eating her beloved tacos and edamame for dinner (still cracking up over that one,eating cake with Uncle Nathan, Aunt Ashley and family, and of course, getting to open her presents which included the American Girl doll she had selected back in February when we had our mommy-daughter date at American Girl in California.

Here is Katie delighting in the day:

It's hard to narrow the list down, but here are seven reasons that I love Katelyn:
  1. She is a one-of-a-kind. I have never met anyone quite like her. This young lady has so much personality squeezed into that tiny little body, it's crazy. She can make me laugh like no other. And she comes up with some of the most hilarious perspectives on life. She is a giggle a minute.
  2. Katelyn is such a tenacious little girl. And boy, can she be a hard worker. When she chooses to put her mind to something, nothing can stop her. She recently decided that she wanted to become a better reader and her teacher announced at parent-teacher conferences that she has improved the most of any of the kids in her class. And when it comes to tumbling, she wants to get her back handspring so much that she may very well shake our floor boards loose, she flips around all dog gone day long. The best part is that when she is intent to do something, she gets this almost crazed determined look in her eye that makes me want to laugh!
  3. Katleyn has so much zest for life! She loves life to its fullest and usually sees the world "half-full". Her positive perspective is such a positive influence in our home.
  4. She is such a sweet little snuggle bug. She is always ready for a good cuddle or snuggle. And since she is my last little lady, this is such a huge blessing in my life. I hope she never outgrows her affectionate personality since I love her big hugs.
  5. She is so adventurous! When we found out that Katelyn had one kidney, we told ourselves that we would have to guide her to activities that were a little more sedentary. We have since learned that this cutie pie has her own ideas in mind for her life. She loves to run, jump, climb, play, explore, and find adventure wherever it may be!! We are so grateful that she has outgrown her desire to run away from home in pursuit of fun, but I am confident that this girl will make a point of discovering all that this great world has to offer!
  6. She is the best big sister ever. After having three girls, I wondered what my poor son was in for. Lucky for Parker, Katelyn is always more than ready to go out and play and do whatever sounds fun to Parker. Of all my three girls, Katelyn is best suited to be Parker's little "buddy". He literally lights up when we sees her at the end of the school day. He knows that REAL fun is about to take place!
  7. Katelyn is such a special daughter in our family. I feel so blessed to have her in my life and feel so grateful for the privilege of raising this beautiful daughter of God here on earth. I love her more than words can say!

    Here are a few glimpses down memory lane...

    Here she is when she was about 7 months old. Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?!!
    When Katelyn was about two, she put her hand on the griddle and this was the product. She was such a tough kiddo!
    This is just the start of her fun personality starting to shine through!
    Katelyn's first day of preschool. I can't believe she starts 2nd grade next year. Waaah!
    Enthusiastically enjoying the new-found freedom without training wheels. li>

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mutual Activity

Camille (Love her face!), Kayleigh, Lauren, Sydney, Olivia, and me!!!

After a long day we relax, looking at the flowers.
Sydney, Kayleigh, Olivia, and me. I love Olivia's face (she was not aware that we started the photo)
"The Gang" Sydney, Olivia, Kayleigh, and me in front of Jesus in Temple Square.

We went to temple square for mutual last week and played temple symbols. I brought my camera so I could take pictures and I am so happy that I did.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

White, Shiny and Straight

Well, my braces are all gone. And now I can eat caramel, laffy taffy, starbursts, and all that other fun stuff!(Not that I haven't ever stopped) I am so happy that my teeth turned out well. I have a bottom permanent retainer and a top retainer that I can take out. It is tiger striped may I add. I am so happy. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!
-Ashley Last time you will be seeing these babies!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Bad news first... I did not make cheerleader this school year. They only let 4 seventh graders be eighth grade cheerleaders and 16 or more eight graders be ninth grade cheerleaders, so I am going to try out next year and work my butt off this year so I can get my motions sharp. Good news is... TOMORROW IS OUT LITTLE BABY P'S THIRD BIRTHDAY!!! Also my braces come off tomorrow. Look at these ADORABLE pictures of our baby Parker!!

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